Marriage Visa:


If you are married to a Thai citizen, and you want to stay in Thailand for a longer period of time, you can apply for a Non-Immigrant visa based on marriage. We can help you in the proces of applying for the visa, as we have helped customers for many years.

We will help you with the documents, and can assist you in booking transportation to a Thai embassy.




Retirement Visa:

If you are 50+ years and want to spent your retirement in Thailand,

you can get Non-Immigrant OA – Longstay Visa (retirement visa).

Besides being more than 50 years, you need to meet some financial requirements.

Book a time and our staff will help you with your options for enjoying your retirement in Thailand.




Business Visa and Work permits:

If you want to work in Thailand, you need a work permit and either a Non-Immigrant B visa

(business visa) or a marriage visa.

You also need the business visa if you want to start your own business in Thailand.


Our experienced staff can answer your questions, and we can discuss your options for working in Thailand.